dance blast

by body + soul fitness


regular classes begin Thursday, October 10

led by Sandra Wiggins

FBC Christian Activities Center (CAC)

50-minute classes will be Tuesday nights + Thursday mornings (Thursday morning childcare available)

$5 per class (see instructions below.)


Dance Blast Sign-Up Instructions

Go to

  1. Click on “Find a live class.” 
  2. Type in the zip code: 72401, or state. 
  3. Register, make an account. 
  4. Sign a liability waiver
  5. Then payment. 

Payment: When registering online, it assumes you are enrolling for both classes. 

To choose only one class:

  1. Click “modify registration.”
  2. Go to bottom of page, in small blue letters click on “part time registration.”
  3. Unclick the class you do not want.
  4. It should be half the cost. 
  5. There is a $5.00 administration charge if you sign up one week at a time. 
  6. It is better to pay for all the classes you plan to attend at once. 

dance blast

by body + soul fitness

is body & soul for me?

Yes, Body & Soul® is for every BODY!

We believe that fitness involves more than just your body – we care about the health of your body and your soul. It’s where faith and fitness meet!

You are not alone!  Body & Soul® classes are filled with people at various stages of fitness, of all shapes and sizes. There are no mirrors and there is no judgment. What you will find in classes is acceptance and encouragement for your next steps, beginner or advanced alike.