Life Groups: Mondays

             Roots | 8pm   An all-girls bible study that focuses on you building relationships with one another, while meeting & hearing from some of the most influential and wonderful women in our church! Meets every other week (twice a month) at the home of Mark and Leah Parsley (800 Park Ave.)

          Brutes | 7pm    A guys-only bible study that focuses on practical life skills & tips, while incorporating a time of biblical application into how you should walk and trust in the Lord as a man. Meets bi-weekly (twice a month) at the home of Andy and Stephanie Richardson (5215 Dale Dr.)


College small groups happen weekly in church members' homes across the city of Jonesboro. 


By "Scooter Dan" Danny Clark

"You know, one of the great things about riding [motorcycles] is getting to talk and meet so many different people in the Biking community, and people of all different walks of life. But whatever that walk may be, one cannot help but hear the different ills and struggles people are going through. Our churches are no different. Being Christians does not shield us from society's ills and hurts. People are facing the possibility of losing a job, their homes, or maybe just struggling to pay their bills. Then comes the struggle with the hopeless and defeated feelings that can come with our struggles. 

With so many people in our churches hurting and longing for healing, you wonder how a pastor - or anyone working in ministry - is able to help hurting people find the healing the long for in their lives. You see a growing number of people in our churches and our communities turning to addictions, compulsions to try to escape the misery and to numb the pain. [It's] sad to say, they are abusing alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, and one another. According to statistics, there are four million drug addicts, 16 million sex addicts, 18 million alcoholics, and four million food addicts. The list of addictions and compulsive behaviors can go on and on. 

So how does one cope? With the truth.

People need Jesus Christ, and people need more Christ faith-based programs like Celebrate Recovery. Such programs are a proven tool to point them toward healing and their one and only true Higher Power. The only true and lasting answer for those who are feeling hopeless and defeated is to turn to Jesus Christ! The Celebrate Recovery program is one of those tools that is a proven and effective recovery program. All one needs to do is read Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (the Beatitudes) to know Jesus would love Celebrate Recovery programs. (Matthew 5:1-13)

Today, you can find Celebrate programs in all different denominations. Gratefully, I attend one at my church. Yes, indeed! Celebrate is a program that is ALL ABOUT JESUS! 

Now He saw the crowds, He went up the mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to Him, and He began to teach them saying: 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.' 

- Matthew 5:1-3

If you do not attend or belong to a church, you can still come to a Celebrate program - ALL ARE WELCOME - but my hope is you will come to Christ because he loves you.

First Kids

Wednesday nights

*New Schedule*

5:30 - 5:55  First Kids Choir (LIFE Center)

6:00 - 6:25  First Kids Worship (Chapel)

6:30 - 6:55  First Kids Small Group (Gd 1-3) / First Kids Fun (Gd 4-6)

7:00 - 7:25  First Kids Fun (Gd 1-3) / First Kids Small Group (Gd. 4-6)

7:30              Dismiss (Grades 4-6 can leave unchaperoned; Grades 1-3 must be picked up by parent or older sibling)

7:35              Any 1st - 3rd grader will be walked down to Preschool area by fish tank for pickup

Easter Photo Galleries

Easter Sunday was a great day! 

Thank you to everyone who spent the morning with us.

To download your photos from our Easter booths, click the button below. 

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(*Galleries will be available until the first week of June 2017*)

Adult Small Groups

Wednesday nights, 3rd floor in the ED building, from 6 - 7 p.m. 

Campus Map.

Contact Tim for more details. 

  • Brand: New Andy Stanley


    leD by Brett & Selena Barber

    How should the world view the church? Unfortunately, we've created a brand for the church that Jesus never intended. But we have the opportunity to give everyone a Brand: New perspective.

    Quoted from  brandnewseries.org

  • Comparison Trap Sandra stanley

    Ladies only

    led by Jane Burton

    The temptation to compare is as near as your next chat with a friend, trip to the store, or check-in on social media. And whether you come out on top or come up lacking, there is simply no win in comparison. It s a trap. 

    Quoted from Amazon.com

first adult fellowship

On the third Sunday of each month, the young adults of FBC meet for dinner together! 

If you have kids, childcare is provided at the church from 5-7 pm. Drop them off with our teachers in the LIFE building at 5 and then meet in the LIFE Center Lobby. There, we'll pick a local place to go and eat together (dutch treat). After dinner, we'll head back to the church so kiddos can be picked up by 7 pm.

We'd love your company!

First Adult Fellowship

First Adult Fellowship is this Sunday evening at 5pm. On the third Sunday of the month (this Sunday) we will have a fellowship for young adults at FBC. We have childcare at the church from 5-7pm. We'll drop the kids off in the LIFE building and then go eat at a local restaurant (dutch treat). We'll gather in the lobby of LIFE building to decide where to go. The only catch - we need to be back by 7pm to pick up the kids! Look forward to connecting with you on Sunday.

Posted by FBC Jonesboro on Wednesday, September 16, 2015