Nominate members to serve on pastor search team

The Committee on Committees will be accepting nominations for the Pastor Search team through January 20, 2019. 

(These members include Karen Dodson Ladd, Barbara Pitcock, David LongTodd Roscoe, and Troy Smith.)  

>>> You can submit your nominees to individual committee members (listed above), drop in the yellow box in the Atrium, or send them via email to

A slate of names for the Pastor Search Committee will be presented to the church for a vote in February.


Please consider the following as you make your recommendations.

The Pastor Search team shall include men and women who:
  ✸ Have been members of the church at least 1 year.
  ✸ Are exemplary in their conduct
  ✸ Are discreet in judgment
  ✸ Are of honest report
  ✸ Are full of faith
  ✸ Are conscious of the fact that they shall set worthy examples of cooperation, love, and loyalty for all members of the Church.

   ✸ Will have exhibited support for the church by their consistent attendance in worship and Sunday school (small groups), financial giving, and commitment to the vision of the church.