sunday small groups

Sunday morning adult groups span every age from 20-somethings and up. 

(Rooms are located in the Education area of the main church building, unless otherwise stated.)

FH = Fellowship Hall, SMB = Student Ministries Building, CAC = Christian Activities Center, MPR = Multi-Purpose Room

For a map of our campus, click here.

  • 20-somethings

    Co-ed: (RM 321)

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  • 30-somethings

    Co-ed:  (RM 303)

    Co-ed:  (RM 327)

    Type content here...

  • 40-somethings

    Co-ed: (CAC RM 305)

    Ladies: (ED Conference Room)

    Type content here...

  • 50-somethings

    Co-ed: (CAC RM 302)

    Co-ed: (CAC RM 301)

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  • 60-somethings

    Co-ed: (RM 325)

    Ladies: (RM 215)

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  • 70-somethings+

    Ladies: (Chapel RM 218)

    Ladies: (ED #1)

           Ladies: (FH-E/F)

    Men: (FH-D)

    Co-ed: (MPR) 

    Co-ed: (FH-A)

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