The SheepFold

(Z.T. Matthews, 1848-1911

(John 10:1-13)

Caption at top:

“--there shall be one fold”

Sermon (2-25-2024)

The Ascension

C.E.Robinson, 1874-1945

(Mark 16:19-20)

Caption at top:

“--lo, I am with you always”

Sermon (2-18-2024)

Women at the Tomb

(P.C. Barton, 1856-1940

(Luke 23:55)

Caption at top:

“--the Lord is risen indeed”

Sermon (2-11-2024)

Stained Glass window - Women at the Tomb
Stained Glass window - The Garden

Christ Praying in the Garden

W.J. Witt, 1831-1910 and Sidda Witt, 1836-1900

(Luke 22:41-44)

Caption at top:

“--not my will but Thine be done”

Sermon (2-4-2024)

The Good Shepherd

G.W. Puryear, 1858-1954

(John 10:14-16)

Caption at top:

“--He careth for thee”

Sermon (1-28-2024)

The Good Samaritan

J.R. Gregson, 1870-1940

(Luke 10:30-36)

Caption at top:

“--and thy neighbor as thyself”

Sermon (1-21-2024)

Moses with the Tablets

Wm. H. Cate, 1839-1899

(Exodus 20:1-17)

Caption at top:

“--as your father is merciful"

Sermon (1-14-2024)

Light of the World

Jacob Sharp, 1849-1904

(Revelation 3:20)

Caption at top:

“--and a light unto my path”

Sermon (1-7-2024)